Cooperating and Volunteer Organiztions


Each year, thousands of members of HOBY’s Official Cooperating Organizations provide volunteer and financial support for the next generation of leaders. We are so grateful for these organizations! Many of our volunteers and donors at Central PA HOBY are involved with these amazing groups.

You can find many cooperating organizations listed here, in thanks for their financial support of our seminar. We are also appreciative of the many organizations who volunteer with us, including (but not limited to) the GFWC PennsylvaniaPhi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity, and more.

“In this world, success comes to those with confidence and faith in themselves. Hugh O’Brian’s youth organization is the GREATEST in developing that confidence in outstanding 10th graders selected annually to represent over 13,500 public and private high schools at one of HOBY’s leadership seminars. What an outstanding role model for our future!” –Muhammad Ali, Olympic Gold Medalist and Heavyweight Boxing Champion