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Academic All-Stars

The HOBY Academic All-Stars program was established to recognize HOBY alumni for their accomplishments in the classroom. All HOBY alumni of any program are welcome to apply.


We are proud to recognize our academic standouts for their hard work!

A HOBY Academic All-Star will complete 12th grade or earn their college degree and have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher. Academic All-Stars will receive a congratulatory letter with a certificate and an official HOBY honor cord to wear at graduation. 

Congratulations to the HOBY All-Stars from Central Pennsylvania!

HOBY is very proud to recognize you for your accomplishments both in and out of the classroom. Accomplishments such as this are vital when it comes to being considered by college admissions officers and future employers.


  • Michael Allardyce

  • Allison Amsbaugh

  • Brooke Bagwell

  • Elise Britton

  • Marissa Campbell

  • Maria Darrup

  • Jocelyn Davis

  • Alicia Dent

  • Ava Frantz

  • Denise Glick

  • Evan Haglin

  • Kailee Heininger

  • Alyssa Hippenstiel

  • Olivia Jackson

  • Terrance Jefferson

  • Karly Kile

  • Elliott McKelvey

  • Maria Saitta

  • Emma Strickland

  • Pritesh Tanna


  • Michael Baturin

  • Genevieve Braden

  • Emma Chaplin

  • Anna Cingle

  • Emily Danczyk

  • Amelia Dibert

  • Emma DiGuglielmo

  • Callista Fannock

  • Raven Fisher

  • Adam Fox

  • Adison Gladfelter

  • Anna Heilman

  • Edward Barrett IV

  • Courtney Johnston

  • Gavin Legos

  • Morgan Lesher

  • Benjamin Mitchell

  • Lanie Mussina

  • Irena Potochny

  • Ava Grace Rabin

  • Patrick Rafferty

  • Hannah Redding

  • Sabeen Safi

  • Anna Sebastianelli 

  • Blaise Sokach-Minnick

  • Emily Stoller

  • Rachel Tuman 

  • Olivia White

  • Kayla Wright

  • William Young


  • Arch Ackley
    Madison Armitage
    Corinne Augusto
    Ishana Bandyopadhyay
    Patrick Bennie
    James Brantingham
    Madison Daugherty
    Andrew DiRienzo
    Riley Egan 
    Grace Farrer
    Kaylee Gilbert
    Hannah Herman
    Madison Holt
    Megan Holtzinger
    Samantha Howey
    Jillian Landon
    Matthew Lutkins
    Sarah Mahoney
    Katie McKitish
    Julia Moran
    Rianna Morris
    Katelyn Motter
    Edith Myhre 
    Anoushka Nambiar
    Madison O'Donnell
    Patricia Olsen
    Sydney Rhoads
    Kyra Richards
    Aubrey Schilling
    Cole Shaub
    Nolan Smith
    Alivia Snyder
    Kelly Sprenkel
    Ava Studivant
    Abigail Stump
    Mackenzie Thomas
    Megan Waning

Apply for the Award:


The deadline to apply for the award is November of each year. More information here.

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Pictures of HOBY Academic All Star award.
HOBY Graduation Cord. Want one? HOBY cord image included.
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