Info about this year’s 2021 seminar

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the seminar will be held virtually for the 2021 seminar year. You can join remotely on June 11th-13th. Be sure to register here. For more information, please contact our Leadership Seminar Chairs at

“My favorite part of the seminar has been the camaraderie of my fellow Ambassadors.” – Ryan, HOBY ’18, Valley View High School

How to become a Central PA HOBY Ambassador:

Each September, Central Pennsylvania HOBY’s selection process begins when nomination materials are sent to public and private high schools in our region.


Registration for the 2021 Central Pennsylvania Leadership Seminar is now open!  Visit  for more information!

This year's seminar will be held virtually on June 11th-13th.

High school sophomores from schools within Central Pennsylvania are chosen to attend the Leadership Seminar based on the following qualifications:

  • Emerging leadership ability

  • Ability to work well with others

  • Desire for new pursuits

  • A willingness to learn and share

A sophomore leader is nominated by each school and is certified by the principal. Please contact your school guidance counselor and principal if you are interested in being nominated as an Ambassador from your school.


Long after our four-day Seminar ends, the influence of being an Ambassador continues. Each year, one male Ambassador and one female Ambassador are awarded scholarships to represent the Central Pennsylvania seminar at a week-long World Leadership Congress (WLC) held in the summer, where they join young leaders from every state in the US and over 30 countries around the world to continue their HOBY journey. Learn more about WLC on HOBY International’s website.

All of our Ambassadors are invited to be involved as Alumni of Central PA HOBY. Please visit our Alumni page to find out how you can volunteer, log your Leadership for Service hours and get involved in fun Alumni activities!